Tool Sets

Link Industries offers a wide assortment of comprehensive tool sets that are both convenient and versatile. We offer tool sets for counterbores, countersinks, flute chamfers, flute center reamers, tap wrenches, and Unidapt adapters.

Unidapt Adapter Set

LINK Unidapt is a highly versatile system allowing you to use different styles of shanks to fit any chucking style, to combine them for extended lengths and to insert tip forms for varying any drilling operation. Choose the tip style you want for your set.

Unidapt Adapter Set

Counterbore Set (English or Metric)

The LINK Counterbore is designed to drill and counterbore in one operation and to allow for sufficient clearance for a socket head cap screw. Tool Sets are offered in both straight shank and Unidapt tapered shanks.

Counterbore Set

Countersink Set (English or Metric)

The LINK Countersink is designed for drilling and chamfering for flat head and oval head screws; 82° for English and 90° for Metric. Tools Sets are offered in both straight shank and Unidapt tapered shanks.

Countersink Set

Single Flute Chamfer Set

Link single-flute chamfer tools are ideal for a wide range of general purpose chamfering, deburring, or countersinking. The single flute design provides a smooth surface finish on a wide variety of materials.

Single Flute Chamfer Set

Three Flute Center Reamer Set

Link three-flute center reamers are versatile tools for countersinking holes for centers or for enlarging existing holes.

Three Flute Reamer Set

Centerdrill Starter Set

LINK Centerdrills now offered in a convenient 5-piece tool set. Offered in your choice of ST, R, S or B Type drill tip forms.

Centerdrill Starter Set

No Flute Countersink and Deburrs Set

LINK No-Flute Countersink and Deburring tools excel in countersinking or deburring holes in aluminum, plastics and other nonmetallic materials. Made from COBALT, these all-purpose tools provide a chatter-free smooth finish with minimal power requirements.

No Flute Deburr Set

Six Flute Countersink Set

LINK Six Flute Countersinks complement our single and three flute designs. Made from COBALT, these tools are used to countersink or enlarge existing holes at a faster rate.

Six Flute Set

Spot and Centering Drill Set

The LINK drill design is offered in both HSS and COBALT with an 82°/90°/120° point angle. Offered in short and extended lengths.

Spot and Center Set

Tap Wrench Set

LINK Tap Wrenches are uniquely designed to assure an even distribution of forces throughout the tapping process. Each wrench features four clamping positions to provide a firm hold on the tap.

Tapwrench Tool Set

Three Flute Spot Weld Drills

Used to drill thru automotive spot welds. Three flute designed to center itself while drilling. Offered in either T-15 HSS or Carbide, LINK Spot Weld drills are designed to drill thru most auto body metals including Boron.

Spot Weld Drill Set

Many tools are available with additional coatings. Please call for a quote! 1-800-626-9460

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