Technical Information

Link Industries offers a large range of materials for your specific needs, find the technical information of the materials used for our drills.



Speeds and Feeds are suggested starting points.

  • SFM: Surface Feet per Minute
  • RPM: Revolutions per Minute
  • IPT: Inches per Tooth
  • IPR: Inches per Revolution
  • IPM: Inches per Minute
  • RPM = 3.82 x (SFM ÷ Diameter)
  • IPM = IPT x # of Flutes x RPM
  • IPR = IPM ÷ RPM
  • SFM = RPM x Diameter ÷ 3.82
  • Tools with TiN Coat: Increase SFM above 5-10%
  • Tools with TiAlN Coat: Increase SFM above 15-20%

WARNING: Any cutting tool may break or shatter under improper or severe use. Use appropriate safety equipment at all times in the vicinity of their use.