Spotting Drills

Link Industries’ Spotting Drills are used for the purposes of chamfering, spot drilling, hole centering accuracy and countersinking. Spotting Drills come in various lengths, material types and point angles. Coatings are available to extend tool life and performance.

Spot and Centering Drills

The LINK Spot drill design features a thin web to reduce walking and offer easy cutting. Ideal for chamfering, spot drilling, hole centering accuracy and countersinking. The LINK short drill design is offered in both HSS and Cobalt with an 82°/90°/120° point angle. Short drills are often used for chucking close to the point to ensure extreme accuracy. Additional coatings available upon request.

Spot and Centering Drills

Cobalt Spot and Centering Drill Extended Length – 82°/ 90°/ 120°

  • Extended length applications
  • Point Angles 82°/90°/120°
  • Coatings available upon request
Cobalt Extended Spot drill

CARBIDE NC SPOT DRILLS – 90°/120°/142°
  • Ideal for chamfering or spot drilling
  • For centering and countersinking on CNC machines
  • Manufactured from premium submicron solid carbide
  • Point Angles: 90°/120°/142°
  • Coatings available upon request
Carbide NC Spot Drills

Many tools are available with additional coatings. Please call for a quote! 1-800-626-9460

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