Engineered Solution Examples

Link Industries is prepared to provide pricing and delivery for a wide range of Special and Custom Tools. In order to define your requirements, please forward a tool print or provide tool specifications, hole patterns, sizes, flats, lubrication requirements, coolant holes, part material or any other features which may be required. You may also provide an illustration of the hole which needs to be cut and let our experienced design staff customize a tool for your needs.

Special Tool Forms

The Combination Drills and Countersinks with Special Tool Forms create desired hole patterns in a single tool. Flats and part changes enable close placement of adjacent tooling and unique drivers and locks.

Special Tool Fprms

Long Drills

The Special Long Drill configuration can suit deep hole drilling or hard to reach locations.

Long Drills

Combination Drill and Spot Face Tools

The Combination Drill and Spot Face Tools allow special hole patterns to be combined with spot facing in a single tooling operation to conserve tooling costs and machining time.

Drill and Spot Face Tools

Special Flats

The Single End Plain Type or Radius Center Drills with Special Flats are available to suit any drive system or special tool holder. Flats may be held to precise locations relative to the flute position.

Special flats

Step Drills

The Step Drills provide a wide array of tool forms to suit any hole pattern for single operation machining operators.

Special Drills

Center Drills with Thru-Tool Cooling

LINK has developed Center Drills with Thru-Tool Cooling (TTC) available for superior tool cooling, exceptional chip removal characteristics and longer tool life. This feature may be added to any custom tool, single or double ended. LINK has developed special techniques for manufacturing these tools. Several standard models are available.

Centerdrills with thru tool cooling

Many tools are available with additional coatings. Please call for a quote! 1-800-626-9460

Link Industries reserves the right to make changes, alterations, and substitutions to the products, services, or other information presented without prior notice. For the latest information contact Link Industries.

Equipment pictured may be shown with safety equipment removed or disabled for purposes of illustration. Equipment must never be operated with safety equipment removed or disabled.